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FFVI: A New Hero 2 FFVI: A New Hero 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You seem to have a spark for these FF flashes.

Which i find good, You do what you do well, and i am aroused by the style you put into it, the movements are excellent and the sprite-animation is at top.

The stories is good as well (generally speaking about your flashes)
and they all take place in a good designed world (FF6)

Continue to make, and I'll continue to watch, deal?

HAcoreRD responds:

sounds like a deal to me.

Me Talking to Myself Me Talking to Myself

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ian, You never told me about this?

Ok, im gonna judge without the fact that you're my friend.

Graphics: this one had an improvement from the other flashes, but the shading was a bit wrong. The landscape was drawn well though.

Style: I certainly liked the style on this one, with the whole music and everything, the atmosphere overall.

Sound: Needs improvement, need voices with a decent mic to be any good.

Humor: I found the whole idea amusing, and the arguement was fun enough, so im giving a decent score

Overall: You never told me about this! but its cool indeed.

Dasneviano responds:

Zeth!! My favorite norwegian guy!! yeah, sorry for not teeling you, but I didnt tell anybody... It was just a crazy idea I felt an urge to animate! Thanks a lot for the honest review, it means a lot! I promise my next sudden side project will need a beautiful epic song:P!!
Thanks again dude!


Rated 3 / 5 stars


It is a decent, but still easy flash.
You need to get rid of stickmen.
And music change too much.
I liked it, but its too cliche.

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The Bad Teddiz eps.2 The Bad Teddiz eps.2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Its an ok flash

Ok, first of all.
My music really had bad quality for some reason.
second of all, The graphics could have been improved with a bit work. im not saying they SUCKED because i've seen MUCH worse.

The sound was bad balanced to the music.

Violence is violence.

Humor: I must say that it was kinda funny even though it was just random killing.

Marvin and Joe Marvin and Joe

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good humor

This thing was entirely made of humor, and thank god it got it.

Star Warz - thingie. Star Warz - thingie.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

How come so many dislike this movie?

Needs work, but i could not demand that when it was done in one day, and like some guy in the review's said before..
Darth Vader seriously looks like a puppy.'

I've seen better, ive seen worse, it was quite well put together and for one day, its awesome.

Sound: ....boohoo....bummer, It would have been better if it was more clear, and a bit more sfx perhaps.

Violence: This movie contains no violence, only a straw.

Interactivity: As far as i remember it has a replay button.

Humor: Yee! Rise darth vader! and run the hell out of here!
Your sense of humor is alot better than some of the people at this site want it to be. Lots of those flaming this flash havent made shit, and flame only because they wanna look cool.
Well, they are not.

Overall: 8! ye! get better sound!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Thank you very very much.

Zelda: Cucco Fury 2 Zelda: Cucco Fury 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good Flash

Keep on training, and dont let anyone here make you stop creating flash, because you do have the talent.

This was one of your better.

Olympics 1008 Olympics 1008

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A decent flash, too bad its not yours.

I've seen this flash on another site years ago, i even know the link.
its h t t p : / / w w w . z a r u m u l t i m e d i a . c o m / m o r r o / k a t e g o r i / a n i m a s j o n /f l a s h / s t i c k f i g u r e / s t i c k m a n . h t m
I hope i dont get banned for this, but its related, so i probably wont.
I just wish you would stop stealing other's stuff and make some your own. -Zeth-

Chrono Trigger Unglued 02 Chrono Trigger Unglued 02

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Another good flash

And besides, i do true love chrono trigger.
as the parodies concerned, i only like those with a certain amount of skills and motivation put into it.
You're a good spriter, keep up your work.

Cryokenetic responds:

I'm happy to see you think I have skills and motivation ^_^

Thanks for the review!

K&K: Finale K&K: Finale

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Excellent flash

Graphics: You have your own unique style of drawing and animating, but it still happens to be quite good.
The character designs were also quite cool, and with their own personality.

Style: As i said, The design, animation were cool, mostly good style.

Sound: It was quite good, but could be improved. Its a bit above average so i thought id give it a 6.

Violence: Well, I guess that violence pretty much is the same, however this was fun violence. i mean, we all love watching people dying in a school bus, being torn apart by flames and thrown into hell.

Interactivity: I only review those on games.

Humor: Mostly cliche, predictable, and at times overused.
but hey, i never said it was BAD humor.

Overall: It was above average, and a decent flash 7/10, 4/5

Suggestions, Questions: Try to make skits into your movie, make more.

Astropuff responds:

Dang, I wish you were a bit more specific about the sound problem. If you are talking about lack of sound FX, my bad. I try to get all the sound I need for the movie and even go through the trouble of making my own, but I could put more in. If you are talking about the quality, I lowered it because the file size lowered about a meg as well.

And as for the skits suggestion, I did skits for the two previous episodes. This cartoon merged many skits together in a vague pointless plot to produce a longer episode. I'll probably make another long episode next time, but I could throw in a couple of random skits for the fun of it.